spilt milk & cookies® products reflect thoughtfulness and elegant simplicity. The boxed quotes make the perfect gift for moments that merit a personal gesture. The 36 quote cards can be used for daily inspiration or can be shared with family and friends to foster meaningful dialogs. Careful consideration goes into the selection of the celebrated authors, making each set amusing, stimulating and mindful. The cards are printed on recycled paper and all contents, including the wood stands, are proudly made in the U.S.A. Boxes may be purchased as gifts or simply for one's own enjoyment. They make excellent corporate gifts and can be used for promotional purposes.
because it's you celebrate connection inspire
• dad
• friend
• grandparent
• mom
• sister
• teen
• baby
• bride & groom
• graduate
• my love
• ageless woman
• artiste
• foodie
• hero
• home
• pet
• teacher
• giggle
• gratitude
• heal
• imagine
• inner peace
• simplify
• soar